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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a missing baltimore baby, emotional family members plea for a safe return. >> it's a 7 month baby. >> tonight, what the family said about the suspected teen- age abductor. are police hot on her trail? good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. the baby boy has been missing for 3 days. the family desperate for his safe return. police are following up on new leads. derrick just talked to the family at a vigil. >> they are heartbroken, in agony and praying for a miracle as you can imagine. friends and family comforting the mother of a missing 7-month-
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old boy. last seen in jenay boozer, also now missing. >> reporter: whitney mcgrow last dropped the son of to spend time with his father. charlie birch was questioned about it on sunday. >> police keep getting on my nerves. i'm telling them the same story. >> he recently met jenay boozer. she was visiting him while he asked her to watch his son while he went to go to the corner store to buy cigarettes. >> reporter: it's too much for his mother and those who love the 7-month-old. >> he is small, very playful and he is just a good baby. >> reporter: they are praying someone had seen 16-year-old jenay boozer and little kion is
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returned safely. >> i know someone has to recognize her and see her with this baby. >> if someone still has the my grandson, please bring him back the same way you took him from my home, safe. we love him very much. >> reporter: police say it is possible he she is somewhere in the prince george's count y the little baby was last seen wearing nothing more than a diaper. >> >> hopefully, new information comes forward, thank you, derrick. >> >> if you have seen the child or jenay boosesser, you are asked to give baltimore city police a call immediately. >> >> runs of people living in the waterville farms neighborhood lost power on friday, right in the peak of the heat wave and had no air conditioning, temperatures rose above 90 degrees inside of their home. neighbors tell us the problems with their power are happening
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over and over again. >> the most frustrating part is we can't seem to get a correct answer or a definitive answer from bg and e on exactly what they are doing and what they plan to to to keep this interest happening again. >> reporter: we talked to bg and e and they said they plan to invest more than $5 million to fix the neighborhood problem. >> >> bg and e is reviewing their peak reward program. the power company turned off thousands of customers air conditioners, when the temperatures topped triple digits. bge now says the program prevented more than a million customers from dealing with the rolling blackouts last friday. the eview is underway. new clues to the horrendous killing. we are learning more about the man accused of the massacre in
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norway. randall pink stop reports that the mass murderer might have taken some of his idea us out of another bomber's play book. >> >> 1,500 page man test toe justifies violence to achieve his political goals. an expert on right wing groups noticed similarities to ted kaczynski. just cut and paste. it looks like it's his own work, but it's not his own writing. >> reporter: thousands turned out for memorial service this sunday. nor why's royal family and government leaders wept for the victims, police continued the search for bodies of young people gunned down. analysts believe they were targeted to cripple norway's future liberal leaders. being held here at oslo's police detention center, scheduled for a court
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appearance this monday. he fails as maximum sentence of 21 years. a way of life he said in his manifesto he wants to change. >> the results will be the opposite, because we will be more open, we will be more inclusive. he cannot destroy us, never. >> reporter: but he has already destroyed the nation's sense of security, in osl o, norway, randall pinkston, "wjz." the death toll around 93 people. the shooting suspect told police he acted alone and said he will explain his motive during his first court appearance. >> >> 2 people shot, baltimore police looking for that shooter. it happened in liberty and chappelville roads. we are still working to see how the victims are doing tonight. extreme heat and fire a dangerous combination in southwest baltimore. baltimore city firefighter recovering after suffering heat exhaustion while battling a fire at this home on
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connecticut avenue. a viewer sent us this picture of the flames earlier. a woman heard the smoke alarm and woke up 6 relatives inside. they escaped without getting hurt. >> >> a tonight, gigi barnett reports that a man who was struck is still waiting for justice. >> he lived in a severe nursing home. his severe head injuries caused by a hit-and-run. last sunday, ross died and police never caught the driver. >> it would have been 1 thing if he hit him and called 9-1-1 but he ran and that's horrible. >> >> reporter: cording to police reports, this is where the accident happened at the intersection of gilbert and skinner streets. the family said ross was crossing center street when a driver tried to beat the red light, sped up, hit ross and left him for dead.
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>> he was a good guy and he deserved better. >> reporter: now as the family prepares for his memorial service, they have warning for the people behind the wheel on that day it has been a year and no 1 has done anything about it. whoever did it, they are going to be caught. we are going to find you. >> reporter: in addition to its plea for the driver to come forward, the family is offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case. i'm gigi barnett, "wjz" "eyewitness news." back to you. >> >> even though it has been a year, perhaps the driver told someone about the accident. investigators are searching for a black honda accord. .
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it's humbling and its touching. >> >> firefighters from new york delivered the steel beam to baltimore. it will be put on display next month. >> >> the clock is still ticking on the debt debate after a weekend filled with negotiations, lawmakers appear deadlocked. tara mergeener reports on the move on both sides. >> reporter: president obama called nancy pelosi and harry reid to the white house for an update as both parties worked on fallback plans to avert a crisis. speaker john boehner held a meeting with gop members to urge them to support a new member getting through and
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avoid default. >> bad for our economy and bad phoria our country. i'm trying to find a common ground that is doable. >> reporter: earlier, he was working on a 2 part plan, averting the current crisis with a larger reduction plan is negotiated. following the president's talks with pelosi and reid, white house officials say he remains opposed to any short term deal. there is over a week to go before the national limit will be reached, putting the nation in danger of default and the u.s. economy at risk. senate democrats are working on a plan of their own to raise the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion and cut spending, something republicans have long demanded. on sunday, obama administration officials expressed confidence that a deal will ultimately be reached. >> there is no question in my
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mind the government of united states will not default. >> reporter: 1 eye on the debt clock and another on the financial markets. >> >> both sides seem so far apart, the full house and senate will be back at work in washington tomorrow. >> >> after months of test negotiations, these -- dr. nfl lockouts could be hours away from ending. sources say nfl players and owners have reached an agreement to end it. if all goes according to plan, the players could vote tomorrow and report to training camp wednesday. the ravens training camp 18 days away. >> is there still to come a shotout near a busy shopping mall. what the victims were doing before the violence. >> i now pronounce you married, seal your vows with a kiss. >> saying "i do" historic walk down the aisle for hundreds of same sex couples. >> >> and breaking for silence,
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the maid accusing -- finally tells her side of the story, what she said happened inside of that hotel room. . she spent her life supporting civil rights a local garden is dedicated in her honor. a tribute to the late coretta scott king. >> >> i'm bernadette woods, a small break from the intense heat, coming your way. all of that coming up in the first warning forecast, after this break. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 80 degrees and partly cloudy. bernadette will have the first forecast coming up in just a moment. >> >> 2 men are dead after a drive- by shooting near a texas shopping mall. two men and a woman were leaving at & t store in irving texas and a sedan pulled up and started to shoot. the 2 men were killed. the woman was not hurt. detectives have no suspects in custody. >> >> hundreds of new york couples are celebrating wedded bliss -- >> by the powers vested in me by the state of new york, i pronounce you both married. >> >> his top 2 aides, both of them men.
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joining more than 800 same sex couples who tied the knot, to day. >> this is just wonderful, just being able to take care of each other. >> reporter: today was the first day same sex couples could get married in new york state. the 6th state. maryland governor o'malley said he will sponsor a same sex marriage bill lear next year. . dominic strauss khan, this maid said, slammed her head into a door. he she said she ran out of the room an told authorities immediately. prosecutors admit that there are some problems with her credibility. >> >> as tim williams reports, this is a fitting location embraced by the community for a
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garden in honor of coretta scott king. >> reporter: the first-of-its- kind in the nation. a memorial garden has been completed to honor the late coretta scott king. >> often times, as great as dr. king was. people overlooked the fact that there were literally millions of people who made the civil rights movement what it was and 1 of the chief persons was his wife. >> planning started after her death. it has taken $200 thousand in private donations to complete. but it will be open to the public, 365 days a year. carl snow den, the director of the attorney general's office of civil rights >> a courageous and wonderful woman. she helped to expand the whole notion of human rights in our society. she was a strong component of gay rates, labor rights, women rights. she became 1 of the most
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influential women of the 21st century. >> >> a plaque embodies her story and a number of quotes, the challenges she was facing at that time in her life. perhaps the most important -- tim williams, "wjz," "eyewitness news." >> >> very pretty garden. >> donations will still being accepted to help pay for it. >> >> our meteorologist, bernadette woods is with us, right now, it's 80 degrees. >> still 80 degrees outside. >> there has not been much relief.
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still, pretty hot, but it's better than it has been, we'll start out with thunderstorms out there. first warning doppler radar, most of them around our area pretty much died down, but you noticed off to the north, there is another batch in pennsylvania, moving southeast ward. we'll have to see if it holds together on its way to the southeast. we did have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for the eastern shore, even a flash flood warning around the beaches. all of that is dieing down. we'll watch it happening off to the north. temperature wise, 80 degrees outside, as we said. 86 in dc. when you factor in the dew points, yes, it still feels like 94 degrees in dc and 84 in baltimore. even 90 degrees in hagerstown. here's your relief. 62 in oakland. we topped out at 98 degrees. way above the average and close to the record, but not quite the triple digits we had of the last few dates.
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we will suppress this heat temporarily because of 2 different cold fronts coming through. the first 1, scattered thunderstorm. here's the second 1, moving our way tomorrow, pushing all the way through the state and as it does so, it pushes the worst of the heat to our south at least for now. we have a little break coming our way. then, as we look out towards the west, already a new round of heat being generated. it event actually will come our way a little break, but there is more on the way, temperatures out to the west, 94 degrees in dallas and this heat has already spread all the way up through the rockies. over the next few days, we will track it as it moves northeast ward and event actually toward us once again. north winds tomorrow at 5 knots and tonight, we go down into the 70s, a warm muggy night, thunderstorm is possible tonight and then tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible,
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still very muggy out there. 92 degrees for our high, a little break from the humidity tuesday and wednesday and go down to 91 and 90, overnight, we actually dropped into the 60s. as we head toward the end of the week, temperatures back up again. >> >> check in with jessica and marty tomorrow for the first warning forecast. >> >> coming up in sports. frustration is starting to show on the o's, testy locker room exchange, coming [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only $59. as the nation's largest domestic airline, we have a flight that fits your budget anywhere southwest flies. but the sale can't last forever, so you need to hurry and use this to go to and book your flight before it's too late. because with $59 fares they are going to go fast.
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stan is here. "wjz" sports report. the o's can't get it together. >> we might have to wait awhile. it has been 14 straight years of losing. i don't think it's going end any time soon. birds lost the battle on the final talley of the scoreboard
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in the rubber match of the 3 game weekend off of the los angeles angels. allowing 6 hits and 3 runs, top 4. two out rbi double off the glove of derrick lee at first base. bottom of the 6th, adam jones, homerun off tyler chatwood. out of the park goes the ball. brand-new ball game, 3-2. weekend series, 2 games to 1. nine-3 victory. that hurt. here's jeremy guthrie after the game. >> >> reporter: speaking of speculation -- >> you know, i guess it was kind of a perfect microcosm of my career in baltimore if it happened to be that.
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>> reporter: why do you say that? >> next question. >> next question, next story. >> >> in cooperstown, the newest member of major league baseball's hall of fame. former manager helped to build the birds an the right, roberto alomar. >> to the baltimore orioles, where i have great moments with my teammates and fans, thank you, baltimore. >> he played with the o's, indians, chi sox, 10 gold glove. >> >> let's take a look at the world swimming championship, china, freestyle, michael phelps had the first leg, but australia won. france won the silver and team usa claimed third along with the accompanying bronze medal. down the ocean on the ocean in ocean city, maryland, final day of state cord competition on
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the dew tour. athletic. acrobatic. four of 4, skateboard bowl finals. brady finished second. the 16-year-old brazillian. buckie did win the finals. kudo to baltimore's own, who leads in the overall standing by 10-points. he has 100 and the next guy has 90. that's sports. >> cool guy that has helped a lot around the area. >> >> >> coming up, the ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> in the middle of had heat wave, snow sounds good. in lake tahoe, record breaks snow. thrill seekers are basks in the opportunity for winter sports in the middle of summer. snow is melting pretty fast, but hundreds of people are trickling in. >> >> since there is no chance of snow in our forecast, how about slowing down a slip and slide. that looks like a lot of fun. in wisconsin, kids, fun to splash around on, a local man bought a bunch of old billboards and laid them out for the kids to go right down them and cool off. kind of a good idea we'll be right back. verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t.
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